2012 Year in Review
Adventure Update 01-12

Little Bighorn Battlefield, MT Episode 03-01
Little Bighorn Battlefield, MT
NASA Spacecraft/Space Shuttles Episode 03-02
NASA Spacecraft/Space Shuttles
Comming Soon Episode 03-03
Biking in San Francisco, CA
Graceland/Sun Studio, Memphis, TN Episode 03-04
Graceland/Sun Studio, Memphis, TN
The Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI Episode 03-05
Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI
The Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI Episode 03-06
Mayflower II/Plimouth Plantation/Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Make a Wish at Disney Episode 03-07
Make a Wish at Disney
War of 1812/Fort McHenry, MD/Chalmette Battlefield, New Orleans, LA Episode 03-08
War of 1812/Fort McHenry, MD/Chalmette Battlefield, New Orleans, LA

The Bridges of Madison County

Episode 03-09
The Bridges of Madison County
Comming Soon Episode 03-10
New Co-host!
Fort Neccesity & Philladelphia, PA Episode 02-01
Fort Neccesity & Philladelphia, PA - Blogger Lindsey Glasow
9-11 Memorials/Fredricksburg & Spotsylvania Courthouse National Military Park Episode 02-02
9/11 Memorials - Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park
City Museum, St. Louis Episode 02-03
City Museum, St. Louis, MO
New Orleans/Ottawa, Canada Episode 02-04
New Orleans, LA - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Isle Royale National Park Episode 02-05
Isle Royale National Park, MI
Delaware/Hawaii/Mexico Episode 02-06
Delaware/Hawaii - Cozumel, Mexico
National White Water Center Episode 02-07
National White Water Center, NC
Borah Peak, Idaho Episode 02-08
Borah Peak, ID
State Fairs Episode 02-09
State Fairs, Minnesota/Illinois
Actual Factual Magic/Walt Disney World website Episode 02-10
Actual Factual Magic - Walt Disney World, Florida
Assasination Vacation Episode 02-11
Presidential Assasination Historic Sites
A Christmas Story House Episode 02-10
A Christmas Story House, OH
Alaska - Athens, Greece Episode 01-01
Alaska/Athens, Greece
US Virgin Islands Episode 01-02US
Virgin Islands
Circle Line Tour, New York, New York Episode 01-03
New York City Circle Line Tour
The Freedom Trail, Boston, Massachusetts Episode 01-05
Freedom Trail, Boston/Charlestown, MA
The US Capitol, Washington, DC - Arlington Cemetery, Virginia Episode 01-05
US Capitol/Arlington, VA
Walt Disney World, Florida Episode 01-06
Walt Disney World, FL
North South East West Documentary preview Episode 01-07
North, South, East, West documentary preview.
Paris & Normandy France Episode 01-08
Paris/Normandy, France
Trinity Site, New Mexico Episode 01-09
Trinity Site & National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, NM
Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, Indiana - Coney Island, New York, New York Episode 01-10
Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IN/ Coney Island, NY
Mount Whitney, California Episode 01-11
Mount Whitney, CA
2012 Year in Review Episode 01-12
Year in review


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