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The highest point, White Butte at 3,506 feet, in 2001.
2001 South and North Dakota trip State Highpoints

Welcome to North Dakota
State Capitol
North Dakota governor's residence
Old Governors residence
White Butte
Liberty Bell Replica, Bismarck
"Sacagawea" statue, Bismarck
North Dakota History Center, Bismarck
North Dakota Heritage Center, Bismarck
North Dakota Heritage Center, Bismarck
North Dakota Heritage Center, Bismarck
North Dakota Veterans Memorial, Bismarck
Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

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Capital : Bismarck
Highest point : White Butte, 3,506 feet
Area : 70,704 square miles, 19th largest state
Population : 642,200 (2000 US Census)
Motto : Liberty and union, now and forever, one and inseperable.
Admitted to Union : November 2, 1889
State Song : "North Dakota Hymn"
State Bird : Western Medowlark
State Flower : Wild Prairie Rose
State Tree : American Elm


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