The Star Spangled Banner flying over Fort McHenry in Baltimore. The Huge US flag that flew here durring the battle of Baltimore September 13, 1814 inspired Frances Scott Key, who witnessed the attack from a british ship to write what has since become our national anthem. The flag unlike current US flags had 15 stripes instead of the current flag which has 13.
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State Capitol
State Capitol
Backbone Mountain, Maryland's highest point Backbone Mountain, Maryland's highest point Backbone Mountain, Maryland's highest point
Border marker Mason Dixon Line Antietam National Battlefield Antietam National Battlefield
Harpers Ferry Overlook Fort McHenry National Monument

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Capital : Annapolis
Highest point : Backbone Mountain, 3,360 feet
Area : 12,407 square miles, 42nd largest state.
Population : 5,296,486 (2000 census)
Motto : Fatti maschii, parole femine (Strong Deeds, Gentle Words)
Admitted to Union : April 28, 1788
State Song : "Maryland, My Maryland"
State Bird : Baltimore Oriole
State Flower : Black-eyed Susan
State Tree : Wye Oak Roger Johnson's  Welcome to America Facebook Fan Page

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