The last night of my 50 States 50 Days trip at the Honolulu Airport. I was not able to get a camp site for the night, couldn't afford a hotel, had returned my rental car, and couldn't check in for my flight in the morning. So I was stuck in no mans land outside security with nowhere to go and no real way to get there. Fortunatly I had my sleeping bag and ground pad.
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USS Missouri, Pearl Harbor
USS Arizona Memorial USS Arizona Memorial Dole Pinanpple Plantation, Oahu
King Kamehahmeha Statue, honolulu 50 States 50 Days rental car
Kauai Airport Napali Coast cave
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Capital : Honolulu
Highest point : Mauna Kea, 13, 796 feet
Area : 10,932 square miles, 43rd largest state
Population : 1,211,537 (2000 US census)
Motto : The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.
Admitted to Union : August 21, 1959
State Song : "Hawai`i Pono`i"
State Bird : Nene (Hawaiian goose)
State Flower : Yellow Hibiscus
State Tree : Kukui Roger Johnson's  Welcome to America Facebook Fan Page

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