Q: Who are you?
Please refer to the home page.

Q: What is your favorite State?
A: Minnesota, It's home.

Q: As the world's first self proclaimed welcome sign photography expert, do you get a plaque or certificate for that?
A: Yes I do. I printed it up myself.

Q: What is your favorite welcome sign you have seen?
A: Wisconsin and my most recent Colorado picture are very nice signs, Minnesota is very nice now too... but they are more of a monument then a sign. There are of course many newer signs that I have not seen.. yet.

Q: What is your favorite Presidential grave site you have visited so far?Herbert Hoover's grave site
A: I would say I liked Herbert Hoover's and Rutherford B. Hays' grave sites best so far, simple and in peaceful settings on the grounds of their presidential libraries. I don't know if I would call it a favorite but the most memorable is that of James Garfield, huge and ostentatious it's like a castle several levels, narrow winding staircases a dungeon like crypt containing the caskets of President and Mrs. Garfield. There is even a bathroom in the tomb.

Harney Peak, South DakotaQ: What is your favorite state high point that you have been to so far?
A: I would have to say South Dakota's Harney Peak. Great views (When its not covered in fog) and a very cool fire tower on the top. It was almost like a castle up there. Minnesota's is a very nice hike as well with some good views along the way.

Q: What was your most memorable trip?
A: 3 come to mind, My first trip to California in 1991. My brother and I spent our 21st birthday at Disneyland. Hawaii in 1996 was a fun trip too, I finished my collection and got on the local news ( 19mb quicktime video clip).
But right now my most memorable trip was Summer 2006 video taping the pilot episode of "50 States 50 Days" in which we visited 2 states in 2 days. When we did the trip I wanted to do the whole thing as a tv show but we have since decided to do it as a feature length documentary. Even though it was a short trip through Minnesota and Wisconsin it was the best trip I have ever done. It had everything a trip should be, going back to familiar places and sharing the experience with a new friend (my travel partner Haley), doing new things I have never done before (trying Gouda Cheese among other things), and shooting video of the whole thing.

Q: Necesito la siguiente informacion, quiero viajar desde San Francisco al Yosemitie park y luego llegar a Los Angeles. Por favor le pido me informe las distancias entre esos puntos y la ruta a seguir?
I don't know.

Q: How do you decide how you're going to pose for each welcome sign photo?
A :
I will take more then one photo of each sign trying out one or two of the 7 poses, whatever feels right at the moment.

Q: 7 Poses?
A : There are more then just 7 poses out there in this crazy world but I have come up with the best 7 poses for optimum welcome sign photography results. They are; 1. Casual (just stand there and smile), 2. On the sign, either the top, the side or hanging (for the really tall signs), 3. Thumbs up, 4. Victory, 5. Looking back (as if to be saying... "Where am I?"), 6. Hand stand (rarely used, requires lots of balance), 7. Pointing at the sign as if to be saying "Look ma.. I'm in ______". The poses can be used for other types of photgraphy as well including portraits and weddings but excluding scenic, wildlife, and candid photography.

The 7 Poses

Casual On the Sign Thumbs Up Victory
1. Casual 2. On the sign 3. Thumbs up 4.Victory
Looking Back Handstand Pointing  
5. Looking back 6. Handstand 7. Pointing  

Q: Do you like kittens?
A: Yes... I do like kittens, and puppies... other peoples puppies.

Q: Do you have t-shirts or any other "Welcome to America" merchandise?
A: I used to.

Q: My friend lives in Indiana and I live in New York.
What's the largest city to meet in that's half way
between us?

A: Pittsburgh, PA

Q: Where to next?
Good question. I generaly rely on Roger's Rules of Travel to decide.

Q: Roger's Rules of Travel?
1, If you have the opportunity to go on an adventure you must go.
2, If you have more than one option of where to go then go to the place you have not been to before.
3, If you have the opportunity to go somewhere but have more than one choice with all things being equil go to the more dificult to get to place first.
4, Practical matters, Safety, Money, Time, Health, etc. superseed rules 1, 2 and 3.
5, Go wherever the cute girl you have a crush on wants to go. This superseeds rules 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Q: How did you come up with the idea to do 50 States in 50 Days?
I was hanging a map on my bathroom wall, the porcelain was wet and I slipped. I hit my head. when I woke up I drew this.


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