It’s not easy becoming the worlds first self-proclaimed “Welcome Sign Photography Expert” …but Roger did just that when he finished his collection of U.S. State welcome sign photos in 1996.

Of course, there is more to Roger then just welcome signs. There’s state capitols, presidential graves and birth sites, state highpoints, National Parks... you get the picture. Then there’s the “no-budget” film, “Welcome to Alaska” that was written and produced by Roger and his brother Rodney. One review of the film called it, “Highly good natured and impossible to dislike”.

Roger has had photographs published around the world from a children’s magazine in Australia to the New York Times. His website,, has appeared in Money Magazine, The Chicago Sun Times and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Roger has also had numerous appearances on radio and television.

Roger’s experience traveling the U.S. professionally and for fun, as well as experience in film and video production, has him excited about 50 States 50 Days.

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When Roger decided to start his 50 States 50 Days project, it wasn’t hard for her to decide that she wanted to be Roger’s travel partner. Haley may not be a “self-proclaimed anything,” but she is a whole lot of fun. There is more to Haley then just fun, however, she is also punctual and smart. She’s been infatuated with science and nature since she was a kid (she even had a pet leech while growing up). In High School she competed in Quiz Bowl, the Math Team and went on to earn a B.A. in biology from the College of Charleston. It was too late in life that she decided she wanted to become an astronaut however — so she went into acting.

While touring with shows and teaching acting to kids she has traveled extensively threw out the United States. Haley has been to all but 3 states (Maine, Alaska and Hawaii). Haley brings many talents to the stage including singing, playing guitar, dancing, and Kung Fu. Haley has performed with the Missoula Children’s Theater, the National Theater for Children, the No Refunds Theater Company, Mainly Me Productions, and Ken Davenport’s Awesome 80’s Prom in Minneapolis. Haley’s experience and many talents along with her passion for fun and adventure make her the perfect 50 States 50 Days co-star/travel partner.

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